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Fundraising for you!


AROVA wants you to achieve your goals!

To make a difference in your life!  To make a difference in someone else’s life!

Whether you’re affiliated with a women’s organization, mission trip group, or medical awareness group - raising funds can be challenging.

At Arova – our entire mission is focused on empowering people in many different ways. 

That’s what inspired our team to create a Fundraising program that gives people the ability to generate funds.

Here’s how Arova Fundraising works:

- Contact us and we’ll connect you with an Arova Advocate in your area.

- Book Arova Trunk Shows (you can book shows yourself, and ask your connections to book an Arova Fundraising Trunk Show to help your cause).

- 20% of the total sales from all the trunk shows arranged by you or for you will be donated back to your organization.

Arova Trunk Shows are easy and fun!  Every purchase made at an Arova Fundraising Trunk Show will also be helping disadvantaged people around the world. 

Contact Arova today to get your fundraiser scheduled!  1-844-MyArova

Advocates, please remember you will be the one writing the check to the organization and we will reimburse you with a credit on your account.  If the organization is 501(c)(3), then it qualifies as a tax deductible contribution.