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Frequently Asked Questions

By speaking with others, just like you, who were intrigued by the Arova business opportunity, we were able to develop this list of Frequently Asked Questions.  Don't see your question?  Call us at 844-MyArova or send an email to our Advocates Care Team ( 


Advocate Program

Why are our sales consultants called "Advocates"?

We chose this term because we love the idea that it is both a verb and a noun. It's a person and an action.  It perfectly describes what we envision our sales consultants to be.  An influential woman who is advocating for the products and the people who make them.  As defined by 

ad·vo·cate [v. ad-vuh-keyt; n. ad-vuh-kit, -keyt] 

verb (used with object), ad·vo·cat·ed, ad·vo·cat·ing.

to speak or write in favor of; support or urge by argument; recommend publicly: ex. He advocates higher salaries for teachers.


a person who speaks or writes in support or defense of a person, cause, etc.

a person who pleads for or in behalf of another; intercessor.


What are the benefits of being an Arova Advocate?

-  Since every product is handmade, our Advocates carry an inventory (easily packed into two Arova bags) to their trunk shows, guests make their purchases that evening and take their new treasures home with them.   That means no deliveries and no shipping fees for customers or hostesses.

-  Many of your hostesses will book parties because they love the idea of empowering people just as much as we do – but we do offer a hostess rewards package that includes both half-price items and merchandise credit based on total sales.

-  Because our Advocates carry an inventory and because every item is unique – there is no need for Arova to create a catalog.  This will literally save you hundreds of dollars of expenses (and spare lots of trees).

-  Earn 25-30% commission on your personal sales right at your trunk shows.  Earn 20-25% for all online orders.  See our Business Launch Kits for more explanation. 

-  The minimal amount of supplies you need such as order forms, hostess flyers, and customer bags are provided to you at no charge (and refills are included in every inventory order, again – absolutely free).

-  We have created a lucrative compensation plan.  (Based on our homework, we feel it’s one of the most competitive plans offered in the home party industry.)  As our Advocates help us build the company, they will earn commissions on their organization.

-  Earn promotion and promoting bonuses when you earn a promotion yourself, or when you help an Advocate In your organization advance to leadership levels.

-  The company pays all hostess rewards and provides all necessary supplies so you get to keep your full commissions.

-  As the company grows, Advocates who have demonstrated strong sales and sponsoring may be invited to be part of our Leadership Advisory board.  We are anxious to get your feedback to help us develop Arova into a world class company.

And that is our short list!  We also provide world-class training, success tools such as our fundraising program, a strong sense of being part of community working toward a better world, and more! Join now and you can also benefit from our "Founding Advocates" program!



Are the people who produce Arova’s products paid a fair trade wage?

Arova works with small artisan groups and empowerment groups that provide safe working conditions and pay artisans a living wage.


How do Arova’s products empower others?

Arova works with organizations that are dedicated to enriching the lives of their artisans.  Arova aims to develop humanity projects that will continue to enrich the artisans and the communities in which they live. 


What are humanity projects?

“Humanity Projects” are defined as any programs that Arova supports that helps improve the lives of the artisans or their immediate families.


Some of the “humanity projects” are funded by purchasing products at a higher cost due to the programs which are already in place by the vendor.  While, other programs may be ones that Arova gives back to following the sale of the vendor’s goods. 


Here are some examples: Health - Vaccine clinics, Nutrition training, Preventative Care; Education - School fees, Uniform fees, English lessons;  Income - Living wages, Budget training; General -  Animals given to families (goats, chickens, etc.)


Is there a Product Guarantee?

Arova guarantees the quality of all its products but please recognize that our products are handcrafted - not mass produced. If the product is unable to withstand the “normal wear and tear” of use during the first 30-days, after delivery, then Arova will review each product complaint for either a refund or product exchange.

Be sure to review Arova’s guidelines on Product Returns and Product Refunds. 


Trunk Shows

Who pays the hostess rewards?

Arova covers the cost of all hostess rewards.  Because of our unique business model, hostesses can choose products from the Advocate’s inventory to fulfill her hostess rewards.  Advocates report the total trunk show sales and the value of the hostess rewards to Arova.  The Advocate receives a credit on her account for the wholesale value of those items which she can apply towards her next reorder. 


What are my shipping charges?

Advocates only pay shipping charges on their Business Launch Kits.  After that, all shipping costs on inventory reorders are paid by Arova.


Do I charge my customers a shipping charge?

No!  That is one of the many benefits of our business model.  Since Advocates do not pay shipping on inventory reorders, customers should not be charged shipping, either.  Should you direct a customer to the website to place an order, understandably, she may be charged for shipping.


What types of supplies do I need for my business?

Typical business supplies are branded shopping bags, silk delivery bags, and customer order forms.  Courtesy of Arova, you will receive your necessary supplies with each reorder.  We have also created some helpful brochures and supplies that will assist you in coaching hostesses, explaining the business to prospects, and working with groups for fundraisers.  All of those can be downloaded through our Facebook Advocate group.

Also, Arova does not produce a catalog because each item we sell is unique – textures and colors will vary.  Being catalog-free saves us a huge expense and allows us to provide you with greater commissions while still being able to donate proceeds back to empowerment programs and our humanity projects.


How do I handle sales tax?

You will be charged sales tax in accordance to your state and local tax laws. Each inventory reorder purchase will be taxed based on the full retail value.  Arova deals with collecting and submitting that tax to each taxing authority.  Simply charge your customers that same amount when they shop at your trunk show so you recover the tax you paid.  Per the current law, online orders are not charges sales tax except for states in which we have a physical presence which is currently Ohio.