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Our Mission

Arova is a brand of handcrafted, Eco-friendly accessories and gift items with a mission of providing employment to the underprivileged by creating a marketplace through home parties, events and fundraisers.  We do so by searching the ends of the Earth for uncommon accessories to enhance your personal style and inner beauty to adorn yourself and your surroundings.  While doing so, we make sustainable, ethical choices to help humanity and the environment. 


About Arova

Arova is a social enterprise focused on providing opportunities for the underprivileged to improve their lives and communities. After our Founder, Megan Milar, returned from living in India for 3 years, she felt challenged to find a way to support a non-profit in which she had volunteered.  She strongly believes in facilitating a corporate culture that is supportive and encouraging of one another.  Even the company tagline is her quote, “Together we will make a difference!”  By fostering this positive team approach, the people within our organization succeed in improving the lives of others and the communities in which they live. 

Arova does this by creating a marketplace for its handcrafted, eco-friendly fashion accessories and gift items.  The majority of our product line is comprised of handmade jewelry including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hair clips and pins.  We also offer wallets, coin purses, clutches, purses and totes.  Gift items such as wine gift bags & hanging wall organizers make up a small percentage of our collections.  All of our materials are up-cycled, recycled or sustainable and include pull tabs from pop cans, tire inner tubes, upholstery remnants, brochure paper, grocery bags, as well as cruelty-free animal horn and bone.  In the future, additional collections including stationery and light home goods may be included. 


The marketplace is created through independent sales consultants, called Advocates, which focus on direct sales, home parties, events, and fundraisers. The “Advocate" title reminds those involved in the organization that they are advocating for the artisans, our planet, and themselves.  They rightfully earn up to 30% commission on their personal sales, as well as, exercise leadership through creating their own team of Advocates. The business model was created to address some of the top complaints in this industry. We revolutionized the industry's standard business models - samples vs inventory.  By combining these two models into one flexible “hybrid” system, Arova aims to empower the Advocate to select various sales channels.  By doing so, she can focus her efforts in the channels she enjoys and excels at most.  


Because of our social mission, Arova's Leadership Team makes business choices based on a triple bottom line: People. Planet. Profits.  We take these choices serious in all business aspects  including ethically-chosen products, ensuring fair wages and opportunities for the artisans, Eco-friendly or sustainable materials, and global awareness.  Our long-term vision includes funding special “Humanity Projects” which will address further needs of the artisans and their communities through education, micro loans, skills training, healthcare, and more. 


     DIR seamstress artisan      Artisan from Mexico making handbags from pop-tabs      Underprivileged Indian teens having fun         

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Join our team of Arova Advocates and help do your part!  Enjoy a flexible schedule, high earnings, and help make a difference -- all while having fun and being your own boss!  Learn more about becoming an Arova Advocate. 

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