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Women Empowerment

Posted on June 13, 2013 by Megan Milar | 0 Comments

This evening I'm going to my graduation from Bad Girl Ventures -- a non-profit organization in Cincinnati empowering women entrepreneurs by offering business courses loaded with business start-up resources.  The founder, Candace Klein, was a speaker at a recent class.  She shared her story of cancer survivorship, a generous monetary gift from woman to help her get through law school, and the request for returning the favor by "helping other women".  Hence the birth of BGV.  

On the opposite side of the world, another small organization is also empowering women.  These women live in very different conditions.  The ones with better incomes reside in a small one-roomed brick hut.  The others live under tarps.  (Click to see a photo tour of their village.) They are hard working and keep their small spaces as tidy as possible.  With the help of Developing Indigenous Resources (D.I.R.), these women are learning the skill of sewing.  They are paid for each final product on the spot.  This offers maximum flexibility in their schedule.   This means of income is strongly preferred over their other options: manual construction labor, collecting feed for their buffalo, or picking through garbage to find recyclable items to sell. 

I'm really moved by the women empowerment programs around the world.  This D.I.R.'s program is partly what inspired me to begin Arova. It's very rewarding to sell the goods made by these women and donate a portion of all our sales back to this program.

With people uniting together to help others, a lot will be accomplished!



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