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Arova in Nature

Posted on May 22, 2013 by Megan Milar | 0 Comments

My nearly eight year old son recently responded to a "Mother's Day" questionnaire.  The question read, "What does your mom like to do to relax?"  He responded, "She likes to work."  Though, I do love 'growing' Arova; with any job some days are better than others!  (I would have answered that same question with "She likes to be in nature.")  Yesterday was the best of both worlds!

I put on my rain boots and went to one of my favorite places on earth: an Ohio creek.  The afternoon of bright sunshine and cool breezes was absolutely perfect for a photo shoot featuring Arova products in nature.  It only seemed fitting to take our eco-friendly products out of a boring photography tent in our studio and head outside!

I enjoyed my company with model, Melissa Scalia, and my wonderful friend, Jennifer Kehoe.  As well as a few surprise guests!

Enjoy these "behind the scenes" shots (look for the finished product shots coming to the website soon): 

Ready for some water play!   What's going on up there?  

Ready for some water play!             What's going on up there?

Who's prettier - snake in water or earrings on rock?  Gorgeous weather.  

Someone is admiring our earrings.          A beautiful day of sunshine and clouds.  

Pioneer Park, Montgomery, OH  An afternoon must-have.  

Pioneer Park, Montgomery, OH       An afternoon must-have in my presence.

 Can you lend me hand?  Sorry little ones! We'll go to another tree.

Can you lend me a hand?           Sorry little ones.  We'll head to another tree. 

  Freaked me out.  Saw this floating in the lake.   The end to a perfect walk.  

Now this freaked me out.       The perfect end to any walk. 

 Inviting.  Oops! That necklace didn't quite make it over! 

Inviting.                  Oops!  That necklace doesn't slide over!

 Upcycled butterfly pin.

Upcycled butterfly pin handcrafted from cans. 


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