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A Mother's Measure

Posted on May 12, 2013 by Megan Milar | 1 Comment

A mother's job is so vast.  May we all be thankful for the many measures our mothers took for us. And for our children, who teach us a deeper sense of our own limits. 

A brief documentary (or docudrama): 

  To give life. 

 To travel. 

 To believe.

  To help transition. 

  To teach differences. 

  To celebrate. (Indian Holi -- a celebration of color)

  To laugh. 

  To do something special.  (Camel hired for son's birthday.)

  To create (even with mud paint). 

 To encourage caring. 

  To give confidence. 

  To teach patriotism. 

 To be adventurous. 

 To be comfortable. 

  To face fears. 

 To explore faith.

  To be united. 

 And to be free. 

 To have fun. 

 To love nature. 

 To be gentle. 

 To be a team player and good friend.

   To reach new heights. (More often figuratively.)


My tribute to all mothers for I now understand how hard you have worked and how hard you have loved for these tasks listed are just a drop in the bucket of motherhood. 



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In Only One Word: Humbling.

1 Response

Jennifer Kehoe
Jennifer Kehoe

May 12, 2013

Wonderful post by an amazing woman and mother. Happy Mother’s Day

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