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In Only One Word: Humbling.

Posted on May 07, 2013 by Megan Milar | 0 Comments

Arova donates a portion of all sales back to a non-profit organization in India with the (very big) name: Developing Indigenous Resources (D.I.R.)  They are a small organization making a big impact in the lives of people in the Janta Colony -- a bustee (slum) in northern India.  Their programs include medical care focused on reducing infant mortality, preschool education, and women empowerment.  I personally volunteered with this organization while living in India and hold it very close to my heart.  

People often ask me to describe my experience in India in one word.  Though it may seem challenging to describe 3 years of very full living in a radically different culture than North America with one word, it actually quite simple.  Humbling.  

I was recently connected with blog author, Marilyn Smith.  She has done an amazing job showing the daily lives of people in that colony and sharing the story of DIR.  Take a moment to see flip through the photo gallery, even if you don't have the time to read the story associated with each.  Just be prepared to be engrossed.  Blog: ON THE CASE

In addition to our corporate donations to D.I.R. we are the exclusive online distribution for the products made through the women's empowerment program. These gorgeous bags are made by of eco-frienldy upcycled upholstery remnants.  Giving Back Bags" by D.I.R.




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