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The Bag Guide

Posted on April 14, 2013 by Megan Milar | 0 Comments

There are so many bag designs to choose from: clutch, hobo, tote, shoulder, cross-body and more.  How do you know which one to use? Does the outfit or occasion help determine your choice? For me, the occasion determines the type and the outfit determines the color.  

Here's my personal guide: 

1) Clutch:  A sassy (but small) clutch is perfect for date night.  Since you don't need room for diapers, wipes, sippy cups or two empty hands for holding onto little ones, take advantage of the opportunity to minimize.  

  Loredo Pop Tab Clutch $42


2) Totes:  For maximum space a tote will give you plenty of storage.  Careful!  They can become a "catch all".  I was recently very excited to graduate from a diaper bag (my main style for the past 8 years) to a stylish tote.  Fewer pockets, less pounds, and more style. 

  Parras Pop Tab Tote $168 

   Rani Recycled Tote $62


3) Shoulder Bag:  Nice sizes for a medium load.  This staple design works well for most occasions.  Plenty of room for your daily needs and typically very versatile for clothes and occasions.  

  Kassa Seat Belt Bag $68

    Pilu Tyre Bag $68


4) Computer/Tablet Bag: These bags can be all-purpose too but should have some extra "padding" to protect your e-stuff.  Ideally, they would have a little extra room for other necessities. 

  Dina Tyre Bag $48   

  Rhoma Tyre Bag $56   Tablet Bag $18


5) Hand Bag: This one is nice if you need more room than a clutch but still have empty hands to carry it.  

  Tula Pop Tab Hand Tote  $86

6)  Cross-Body: This design is quite handy when your hands are going to be busy.  I like to use them in crowded places too because the slim design lays flat to your side or hip.  

  Mira Tyre Bag $78


We have many more designs to offer including wallets, wristlets, snack bags, wine gift bags all available in our Bags store.  

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