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Fashion: It's a part of Womanhood that can sustain Motherhood.

Posted on February 01, 2013 by Megan Milar | 0 Comments

I was recently intrigued by a comment (maybe a compliment) I received.  One busy mom of 5 said to me (a busy mom of 4), that she's surprised how 'dressed up' I always am.  I quickly blew it off by saying that "it's just me".  She laughed and said "this is just me too" as she pointed to her sporty casual clothes.  After being sleep deprived for 7.5 years (and counting), spit up on a million times, and having my hands in dirty diapers all day, I can truly "enjoy" wearing funky shoes, nice jeans, a classy shirt and jewelry.  That's a lie, I don't just 'enjoy' it...I need it.  

My fashion style is a part of my womanhood that I'm not willing to give up for motherhood. 

Lord knows we give up enough as it is!  I am absolutely passionate about being a mom.  I'm happy to wash mud off my favorite wedge boots if it means I took my kids hiking in the nearby forest or chased them through the yard once it finally stopped raining. 




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