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FTBOM (For The Betterment of Mankind)

Posted on January 25, 2013 by Megan Milar | 0 Comments

This acronym was recently introduced to us: FTBOM.  'For the Betterment of Mankind'  Might as well read it here, because you're going to be seeing a lot of it.  It's not listed yet on the top three acronym directories on Google.  But you are seeing it in action on many business advertisements.  It's a great new focus on humanity and a monumental shift from the "my" trend of recent years.    
How is Arova 'FTBOM'?  We are helping provide employment to impoverished people in Chile, Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, India, Kenya by selling their handmade goods.  We donate a portion of our sales to a non-profit organization (Developing Indigenous Resources) who is actively helping improve the lives of families in a slum in India. We carry many recycled goods in our Upcycle! Collection which leads to better care for the Earth. Even small choices like using recyclable packaging make a difference. 
And the best's easy.  Adopt the mindset.  

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