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Jewelry & It's Accompanying Mood

Posted on January 21, 2013 by Megan Milar | 0 Comments

At Arova, we offer jewelry that isn't mass produced from common materials, but something instead that is uncommon.  While traveling in Morocco, I was enamored with the gorgeous items hand made from natural materials.  The variations in the textures and the minor imperfections in the hand work added to the character of the piece.   

While choosing product designs for Arova, I often reflect on my emotions while in the many open-air markets in which I've strolled -- whether it be in Argentina, Ukraine, Mexico, India, Morocco or others.  All the senses are heightened -- the energy in the people, the feel of the fabrics, the smells of the foods and fragrances of soaps and perfume, the sounds of busy shoppers, local music, and sharp negotiators. 

Many of our pieces have an underlying "ethnic" mood, but are modern enough to be be worn with your favorite clothes.  


Tibetan Market in Dharmshala, India  Market in Marrakech, Morocco

Tibetan Market in Dharmsala, India       Market in Marrakech, Morocco

 Traveling Market in Goa, India

                                                                          Traveling Jewelry Market Goa, India


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