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Posted on January 15, 2013 by Megan Milar | 0 Comments

Yesterday, I was attempting to take some pictures of fashion tips to post on the blog.  My creative juices were minimal.  (I have to do these things when I'm in the right mood.)  Instead, I broke the light bulb in my new photo studio light stand. Aarrgghh.  While pulling a bunch of outfits out of my closet, I took a couple random photos.  After reviewing them today, most of the clothes pics were terrible and immediately deleted.  (Motion approved by my nearly-six-year-old fashionista daughter.)  

The best ones reminded me of the Arova theme: simple, diverse, inspirational.  Here is the top winner of yesterday's photo shoot. 

This is my jewelry drawer.  It's a whole collage of texture, color, and memories.  Top left corner: beaded necklaces purchased from an impoverished child in Delhi, India (Rs. 5 each, = $.10. Wish I'd bought them all.)  Bottom middle: necklace made from old Indian Rupee coins.  Top near right corner: uncut, unpolished turquoise beads.  Intermixed are camel bone necklaces,  ethic beaded necklaces, buffalo horn necklaces.  This is what jewelry should be -- an expression of your inner soul and an adornment to your outer being. 


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