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October Newsletter

Posted on October 21, 2014 by Jennifer Kehoe | 0 Comments

Woman in black dress in field

Fast Fashion is Falling

"Fast Fashion" is falling to the wayside as consumers are helping others by putting their purchasing dollars to work.  See why shopping with Arova makes a difference!


Janta Colony woman making DIR bags

Humanity. By purchasing handcrafted items from Arova, you can feel confident  that you are helping this woman and others in her village to provide better  conditions for her family.  She is turning upholstery remnants into beautiful Janta  Totes which are great for gifting wine, storing grocery bags, and more.  Give gifts  that make a difference this upcoming holiday season!   Shop Arova. 


Mexican woman making pop tab purses

Eco-Friendly. Arova offers many Eco-friendly items including an entire Upcycle Collection featuring  our best selling pop tab bags  made by a women's empowerment program in Mexico. Shop  Arova and care for the environment simultaneously! 


"Together we will make a difference!"  - Megan Milar, Founder


Arova was founded with a mission to support disadvantaged women by providing employment opportunities while caring for the environment.  All Arova products are handcrafted and Eco-friendly.  Learn more about how you can make a difference by helping to expand the marketplace.

Have a fundraising need?  Contact us to learn more about our fundraising program that can benefit your organization with 20% of the total sales.  Email:



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