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September Newsletter

Posted on September 11, 2014 by Jennifer Kehoe | 0 Comments

Woman with open arms in Fall

Fall Fashion is Upon Us

Evening fires, cool breezes, and crisply scented air.


It's time to dust off your boots and throw your sweaters in the dryer for refreshing because autumn is upon us.



Top Jewelry Trends:

- Tribal Collar Necklaces

Ethnic flair is hot this season. Showcased as bold Tribal Necklaces, use this hot trend over a sweater for the ultimate top layer.

Padma Necklace & Earrings              


- Statement Cuffs

All our cuffs are eco-friendly & handcrafted. Flaunt your style in fall shades of leather and glass or natural horn.

Kerala Cuff       Rhode Cuff



- Geometric Earrings

Combine the fall color trend of multi-shades of blue plus geometric earring designs in these beautiful handcrafted glass earrings.

 Glass jewelry - Formosa earrings, necklace and bracelet of teal geometric design      Handcrafted jewelry - Julan earrings, Rhode Cuff, and Mekha necklace


Top Fashion Trends:

- Reds & Blues in every shade will brighten your wardrobe during the shorter days.

- Pullovers are the ultimate layering accessory this season. Snuggle under their comfort in knit or fleece.

- Flatter your figure and show your full boot in a kick pleat skirt.

- Rock this winter in 60's Mod Style leather skirts + GoGo boots.

- The perfect parka is the go-to coat for warmth this fall.


Arova is on a mission to empower the less fortunate while adorning women with unique handcrafted artisan accessories from around the world. Shop today and put your purchasing dollars to work to help others!


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