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Swamp Thing or Fashion?

Posted on July 04, 2014 by Jennifer Kehoe | 0 Comments

My younger siblings would say I am fashionably challenged but I tend to lean on the side of under construction, so as I delve into the world of fashion I hope to gain a sense of personal expression and style – good thing our Arova accessories are so versatile.  I look forward to engaging with the fashionistas and others who wish to share their fashion blunders and successes.

Well, during my internet search of 2014 fashion trends I come across 8 Fashion Rules to Break Now, and I am scared.  The following myth was frightening yet seems so simple – Sequins and Metallic are for Night Only, sure I’ll go with that - then I looked at the pictures.  The first woman is wearing what seems to be a very cool outfit but then on closer inspection I see the shirt has clear plastic sleeves, then next model looks like the Swamp Woman with Mickey Mouse ears, and the third outfit is a mixture of red carpet, gym shirt and a hoody.  Okay, what am I missing here?  To me it is not fashion – it’s terrifying. Be sure to click on the Myth so you a get a visual idea of how to mix your day and evening wear.

Myth #5: Sequins and Metallics are for Night Only

While you should save your sequin mini dress for a night out with the ladies, sparkling accoutrements can be worn during the daytime.  Go for the perfect high-low mix by keeping your sparkle to one piece like a skirt or a jacket, and keeping the rest of your look simple.

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