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Arova Newsletter May 2014

Posted on May 19, 2014 by Jennifer Kehoe | 0 Comments

An Improved Opportunity

Higher Commission, Lower Priced Business Launch Kits


As part of our mission to grow a "Best In Class" company, we are happy to announce that our commission rates have increased up to 30%. Also, we now have a new Business Launch Kit priced at $198! These great new incentives are in addition to our other many benefits such as:

- Fundraising Program where our sales consultants keep her full commissions.

- Flexibility to sell inventory directly or online.

- Free shipping on all product reorders.

- Free business supplies with each reorder.

- Company paid hostess rewards.

- Professionally developed training materials.

All that plus the benefit of feeling good about the products you sell! All our eco-friendly accessories have been handcrafted by women who are part of an empowerment program or a small artisan group in developing countries. These women wake up every day wanting the same things we do: healthier food, safe conditions for their children, better education opportunities, and proper medical care. By providing them with a sales channel for the beautiful women's accessories they create, we can help them achieve their dreams.


"Together we will make a difference." - Megan Milar, Founder

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