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April & Earth Day

Posted on April 07, 2014 by Megan Milar | 0 Comments

April is one of my favorite months of the year.  Why? It's usually the end of winter in Cincinnati -- a personal time of celebration for me!  Don't get me wrong...I love snow! But I could live without another bitter cold winter. 

  Evan eating a frozen treat      -11 degrees F -11F

But if it's not snowing then it might as well be 70 degrees and sunny in my opinion.  I dislike winter so much that it was one of the "selling points" my husband, Kenneth, shared with me when he was offered a position in India. Sound desperate?  No wonder they call it the "tiger sun"! 

 Sun setting over Indian Ocean

After three years of living there, now I appreciate the rolling clouds in Ohio.

Another reason I love April is for #EarthDay. I remember this holiday as a child.  I thought it was very revolutionary that we would show appreciate for Mother Nature.  Slowly now, Earth Day has turned into Earth Week.  I'm hoping by the time my kids are grown, the mentality will shift to Earth Year.  It really should, don't you agree?  



From our family to our brand, Arova, "eco-friendly" is a way of life. Come celebrate with us and give Mother Nature a little extra love this year! In honor of Earth Week, April 20 - 26th, we've started a Pinterest board full of fun activities for all ages!  


~ Megan, CEO/Founder

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