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Party Plan Companies - Arova's marketing campaign

Posted on March 30, 2014 by Jennifer Kehoe | 0 Comments

Arova has launched a new marketing campaign with Party Plus Company.  Check out the following link, Party Plus, to learn more about becoming an independent sales consultant (Advocate) and how your business can empower others throughout the world.

In India, we’ve teamed up with Empowerment Programs where impoverished women are able to earn an income by creating beautiful handcrafted jewelry and bags.

In Mexico, we’re working with another Empowerment program who are making gorgeous “upcycled” bags using pop tabs and inner tubes from tires.


 ~ Jennifer

We are excited about this marketing campaign and wanted to share the 'news' with all our viewers, so please note that you can just click over to our Sell It! page for more information.

Thank you for visiting our site... we want all our readers to have a voice, so feel free to post your comments and suggestions. 

Tell us about your home party disasters and what annoys you most about taking part in a home party.


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