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An Arova Adventure

Posted on February 03, 2014 by Megan Milar | 0 Comments

            Several months ago, I was reflecting on the future of Arova.  The past was clear.  Our learnings from our extensive research in 2013 had the arrow on our compass pointing in one direction.  The one direction in which I was most inexperienced.  Being a firm believer of playing your strengths and finding others to play your weaknesses, led me on a search for an expert -- an expert in the "home party" industry.  I was blessed that my search very quickly led me to someone who shares similar corporate values, and sees not only the growth potential of Arova, but also the impact we can have on humanity.

           On March 1st, 2014, we will have "Advocates" (Arova's sales consultants) in the Raleigh, NC region selling our eco-friendly, handcrafted items at home parties.  With each sale, she will earn extra income for her family while empowering marginalized women around the world to do the same. This is advocating for a change; an improvement in the lives of all those who are touched by Arova.  We are striving for a goal that is much higher than profits! 

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